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Vol.101 No.1 pp.97-98  
Recognition Technology to Enable Ink Dots to Become Identification Tags
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(759.6KB)

Vol.99 No.10 pp.1018-1019  
Development of Reliable Transport Technology for IoT Devices in Lossy Wireless Networks
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(344KB)

Vol.99 No.8 pp.859-860  
Biometrics Technology Using Sounds to Distinguish Individually Unique Human Ears
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(982.5KB)

Vol.98 No.8 pp.764-765  
Development of Silicon Integrated Optical Switch Technology with Port Count Extendability According to Network Size
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(777.8KB)



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