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Vol.103 No.5 pp.501-506  
Convolutional Neural Network Implementation on an FPGA
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.507-513  
Hardware Implementation of Self-organizing Map Using FPGA and Its Application to Impact-echo Testing
Moritoshi YASUNAGA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.7MB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.529-534  
High Performance Implementation of AI Processing with Vector Processor
Takuya ARAKI Yoshiyuki OHNO Kazuhisa ISHIZAKA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.1MB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.483-487  
Programming on GPU, a General-purpose Compute Accelerator
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.456-460  
A Recent Trend on Image Understanding Technologies
Shin'ichi SATOH 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1014.1KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.461-467  
Technical Trends of Data Analytics on Data-driven Approaches
Masayuki GOTO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.467-467  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(378.4KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.450-455  
History and Trend of Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Yutaka MATSUO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(686.6KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.557-562    Open Access
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(376.6KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.553-556  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(981.8KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.556-556    Open Access
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(379.3KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.0-0    Open Access
Looking for Tricksters in Academia
Eisaku MAEDA 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(232.4KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.476-482  
Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Associated Technologies
Yuichiro SHIBATA Taito MANABE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1010.5KB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.488-494  
Technical Development Trends of Supercomputers for Artificial Intelligence
Hirotaka OGAWA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Vol.103 No.5 pp.449-449    Open Access
Editorial Preface
Naomi INOUE 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(461.7KB)

Vol.103 No.4 pp.407-412  
Active Monitoring Trails Computation in Transport Networks
Nagao OGINO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(934.8KB)

Vol.103 No.4 pp.421-425  
Research Trends of FPGA Clusters and Their Interconnection Networks
Tomohiro UENO Kentaro SANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(606.8KB)

Vol.103 No.4 pp.413-420  
Three-dimensional Sound Technologies Play a Role in Evolution of Virtual Reality : Principle and State-of-the-art of Headphone Three-dimensional Sound
Kazuhiro IIDA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.9MB)

Vol.103 No.4 pp.402-406    Open Access
Evolution from Time Business to Trust Services
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(900.6KB)

Vol.103 No.4 pp.426-430  
Recent Trend for Facial Expression Recognition Technology
Koichiro NIINUMA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(828.4KB)

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