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Vol.104 No.9 pp.975-980  
The Trend in Devices for Monitoring Single Elderly
Nobuko IINO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.1009-1010  
Real-time Monitoring System That Visualizes a 100 Gbit/s Virtual Network : Enables Incident Detection and Deconstructing Problem in Various Environments
Kenichi HITACHI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(479.2KB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.981-988  
A Data Linkage Platform for High Value-added DX, FIWARE
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2MB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.958-964  
Working Environment and Education-Research Exchange in the ICT Field in Indonesia and Japan
Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo Jun NOMURA Yusli Wardiatno 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2MB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.965-969  
Digitalization in Smart Education, Society, and Workplace : A Case Study in Indonesia and Japan
Cahya Edi Santosa Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(444.7KB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.952-957  
Education on Information and Communication in Indonesia : A Review
Riri Fitri Sari Dewi Yanti Liliana 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(720.3KB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.970-974  
People-flow Simulation with Data-driven Approach
Summary | Full Text:PDF(806.8KB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.1011-1013  
第17回(2020年)ELEX Best Paper Award受賞論文決定
Electronics Society 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(772.8KB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.1014-1016  
Shikoku Section 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Vol.104 No.9 pp.951-951    Open Access
Editorial Preface
Shigeo SHIODA 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(208.9KB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.936-937  
A Fully Automated Debugging with Cloud-based Game App Virtualization and Parallelization : 24/7 Continuous Debugging Equivalent to Almost 3,000 Human Workers
Summary | Full Text:PDF(497.4KB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.938-938  
2020 International Workshop on Smart Info-Media System in Asia(SISA 2020,スマートインフォメディアシステム国際ワークショップ・イン・アジア)
Masayuki KUROSAKI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(175.3KB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.927-930  
Challenge toward the New Normal Era
Tatsuo OGAWA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1019.5KB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.920-926  
Business Navigation Technologies for Field-initiated Digital Transformation
Haruo OISHI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.898-906  
An Introduction of CoCoNuTS : A Coding Technology Achieving the Shannon Limit
Summary | Full Text:PDF(882.7KB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.907-912  
Biometrics Technology Leading the Post-COVID-19 World
Hitoshi IMAOKA Gaku INOUE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.913-919    Open Access
The Trend for Body Transformation and Psychiatric Treatment in Virtual Reality
Naoyasu KAMIYA 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.931-932  
Arcs of Supreme Elegance[]: Projection Casts the World
Kyohei YAMADA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(761.9KB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.888-892  
A Visualization System to Support Meaningful E-book Learning
Jingyun WANG Takahiko MENDORI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(965.9KB)

Vol.104 No.8 pp.893-897  
Compensation System for the Transmission of Copyrighted Materials in the Course of Classes : Outline and Future Development
Summary | Full Text:PDF(415.7KB)

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