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Vol.101 No.12 pp.1186-1190    Open Access
Challenges for 3D Drones Wireless Mesh Networking : Cross-cutting Approach from Antenna Design to Networking Technologies
Takefumi HIRAGURI Tomotaka KIMURA Kentaro NISHIMORI Megumi KANEKO Takahiro MATSUDA Akihiro NAKAO 
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Vol.101 No.11 pp.1101-1110  
Network Softwarization and End-to-End Network Slicing in the Fifth Generation Mobile Networking
Akihiro NAKAO 
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Vol.100 No.8 pp.771-776    Open Access
Towards “Thinking” Networks
Akihiro NAKAO Katsuhiro SHIMANO 
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Vol.99 No.12 pp.1184-1190  
The Development and Future Prospects of Network Virtualization Service Infrastructure []:Advanced Network Virtualization and Orchestration and Management Technologies
Akihiro NAKAO Kazuhisa YAMADA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1008.3KB)

Vol.96 No.12 pp.916-920  
Standardization Activity Moving SDN Forward
Kenichi OGAKI Nobutaka MATSUMOTO Akihiro NAKAO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(482.7KB)

Vol.96 No.12 pp.906-909  
Extending SDN to Deeper Programmability
Akihiro NAKAO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(494.3KB)

Vol.96 No.12 pp.902-905    Open Access
Objectives of SDN in Future Network
Akihiro NAKAO 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(313KB)

Vol.94 No.5 pp.385-390    Open Access
Research on Network Virtualization for New Generation Networks
Akihiro NAKAO 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(668.4KB)



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