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Vol.101 No.5 pp.524-525  
Ultra-high Fidelity Electron-spin Quantum-bit in Silicon Quantum Dots
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(446.7KB)

Vol.101 No.2 pp.225-226  
A Scheme for Large-scale Quantum Computing with a Loop-based Optical Circuit
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(693.4KB)

Vol.101 No.1 pp.94-95  
Counting “Magnons” in a Ferromagnetic Sphere: Application of a Hybrid System with a Superconducting Qubit
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(750.6KB)

Vol.101 No.1 pp.98-99  
Demonstration of Low-earth-orbit Satellite-to-ground Quantum Communication Using a Microsatellite: Aiming for Ultra-long Distance and Highly-confidential Satellite Communication Networks
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(876.6KB)

Vol.101 No.1 pp.101-102  
Illusory Jitter Perceived at the Frequency of Alpha Oscillations
Kentaro WAKUI 
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Vol.100 No.10 pp.1138-1139  
Demonstration of a Novel Optical Manipulation for Single Electron Spins in Diamond : Toward Realizing Ultrafast Solid-state Quantum Information Devices
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(525.3KB)

Vol.100 No.10 pp.1140-1140  
Unpolarized Single-photon Generation with True Randomness from Diamond
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(453.1KB)

Vol.100 No.9 pp.998-999  
Development of a Single-photon Optical Microscope: Color Imaging for Ultralow Light Realized with Superconducting Transition Edge Sensor
Kentaro Wakui 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(494.8KB)

Vol.100 No.6 pp.517-518  
Space Weather Forecast Improved by Machine Learning and Big Data of Solar Observations
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(490.3KB)

Vol.100 No.6 pp.521-522  
Wireless Communication Technologies in Factories in Operation for IoT Utilization : Toward Coordinated Control and Stabilization of Diverse Wireless Systems
Kentaro WAKUI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(446.2KB)



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