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Vol.106 No.5 pp.393-399  
Research and Development of Aircraft-mounted Active Electronically Steered Array Antenna for Non-terrestrial Network
Takuya OKURA Tomoshige KAN Makio TSUCHIYA Takashi TAKAHASHI Hiroyuki TSUJI Morio TOYOSHIMA 
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Vol.106 No.5 pp.358-363  
Future Vision of Non-terrestrial Networks in Beyond 5G/6G Era
Hiroyuki TSUJI Amane MIURA Dimitar Radkov KOLEV Morio TOYOSHIMA 
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Vol.106 No.3 pp.254-254  
2022 International Workshop on Smart Info-Media Systems in Asia (SISA 2022)
Hiroyuki TSUJI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(293.5KB)

Vol.104 No.5 pp.453-462  
ICT×Space Communications in Super Smart Society
Morio TOYOSHIMA Yuma ABE Dimitar Radkov KOLEV Hiroyuki TSUJI Toshihiro KUBO-OKA Amane MIURA 
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Vol.103 No.8 pp.806-814  
Current Trends and Activities on Integration of Satellite Communications and 5G/Beyond 5G
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Vol.103 No.3 pp.347-348  
37th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference(ICSSC)(37th ICSSC, 第37回国際通信衛星システム会議)
Hiroyuki TSUJI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(237.5KB)

Vol.102 No.12 pp.1085-1088  
Broadband Satellite Communications for Aircraft and Ships
Hiroyuki TSUJI Takashi TAKAHASHI Koichi NATSUME 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(491.2KB)

Vol.102 No.12 pp.1076-1079  
New Era of Satellite Communications/Broadcasting/Application Technologies
Fumihiro YAMASHITA Hiroyuki TSUJI Hisashi SUJIKAI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(834.4KB)

Vol.100 No.3 pp.230-231  
See-through and Projection-type Holographic Three-dimensional Display
Hiroyuki TSUJI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(458.7KB)

Vol.100 No.1 pp.54-55  
New Technique Using Phased Array Weather Radar and the K Computer for Prediction of Sudden Torrential Rains
Hiroyuki TSUJI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(628.6KB)

Vol.99 No.12 pp.1200-1201  
Wireless Relay Network for Robot Control under Poor Radio Propagation Environments including Non Line-of-sight Conditions
Hiroyuki TSUJI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(736.9KB)

Vol.95 No.3 pp.237-242  
Satellite/Terrestrial Integrated Mobile Communication System as a Disaster Countermeasure
Yoshiyuki FUJINO Amane MIURA Hiroyuki TSUJI Naokazu HAMAMOTO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)



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