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Vol.105 No.11 pp.1383-1384  
Use of Optical Lattice Clock to Keep National Standard Time:Precise Synchronization of JST to UTC Using Only Domestic Clocks
Kanako WAKE 
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Vol.105 No.10 pp.1256-1257  
Transmission of 1 Petabit per Second in a Standard Cladding Diameter Multi-core Fiber
Kanako WAKE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(491.1KB)

Vol.105 No.9 pp.1172-1173  
Development of a Prosthetic Hand Which Can Control Five Fingers Respectively Using AI
Kanako WAKE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(780.1KB)

Vol.97 No.6 pp.472-476  
Measurements of Electromagnetic Fields from Electrical Equipment and Human Exposure
Kanako WAKE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Vol.95 No.1 pp.47-50  
Safety Evaluation of Human-body Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields of Wireless Power Transmission
Kanako WAKE Sang Wook PARK Soichi WATANABE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(686.3KB)



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