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Vol.100 No.10 pp.1141-1142  
Power Generation by Maxwell's Demon
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(433KB)

Vol.100 No.9 pp.997-998  
Success in Recognizing Digits and Monosyllables with High Accuracy from Brain Activity Measurement
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(535.8KB)

Vol.100 No.8 pp.871-872  
1 Pbit/s Spatial Division Multiplexed Fiber Transmission over a Record Distance of 205.6km
Kazushi Maruya 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(373KB)

Vol.100 No.6 pp.519-520  
Autonomously Detecting the Causal Relationship between Point of Failure and Alarm Message
Kazushi Maruya 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(491.6KB)

Vol.100 No.4 pp.317-318  
Experimental Demonstration of Macroscopic Realism Breaking Using a Superconducting Flux Qubit
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(399.3KB)

Vol.99 No.10 pp.1015-1016  
Hundredfold Noise Reduction in Microwave and Millimeter-wave Signal Generators with a Laser Source “Optical Ruler”
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(335.1KB)

Vol.99 No.8 pp.860-861  
Long-distance Transport of Electron Spins for Spin-based Logic Device : Enhancement of Spin Lifetime with Application of an External Electric Field
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(982.5KB)

Vol.99 No.3 pp.266-267  
Graphene pn Junction as an Electronic Beam Splitter: Key Component of Electron Quantum Optics Using Graphene
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(316.4KB)

Vol.99 No.2 pp.158-159  
Quantum Cryptography without Error Rate Monitoring : New Scheme Based on the “Wave Function Collapse” Verified Experimentally
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(440.8KB)

Vol.99 No.1 pp.71-72  
Development of an Universal Linear Optical Quantum Circuit
Kazushi MARUYA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(491.5KB)



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