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Vol.105 No.4 pp.344-345  
Successful UHF Radio Propagation Experiment from the Stratosphere using HAPS : Expecting “Coverage Expansion” to Provide Communications to Various Locations
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.105 No.3 pp.257-258  
100,000-spin Coherent Ising Machine : High-speed Solution Search for Large-scale Combinatorial Optimization Problems Enabled with a Large-scale Optical Computer
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.104 No.9 pp.1009-1010  
Real-time Monitoring System That Visualizes a 100 Gbit/s Virtual Network : Enables Incident Detection and Deconstructing Problem in Various Environments
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.104 No.4 pp.372-373  
Directly Modulated Laser with 100-GHz Bandwidth : Break Bandwidth Limitation of Directly Modulated Laser
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.104 No.2 pp.175-177  
Asynchronous Distributed Deep Learning for Edge Computing : Model Training Technology Even When Vast Amount of Data are Held on Distributed Servers
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.103 No.12 pp.1273-1274  
500 GHz Band, 20 dB Gain Amplifier IC Applicable to Terahertz Sensing : Technology Expected to Improve Accuracy of Weather Forecasting for Extreme Events such as Typhoons and Torrential Rain
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.103 No.11 pp.1097-1104  
Electro-optic-modulation Comb
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Vol.103 No.10 pp.1053-1054  
Demonstration of a High Performance Optical Logic Gate for Ultralow-latency Data Processing : One More Step towards Photoelectronic Converged Data Processing Infrastructure
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.103 No.8 pp.863-864  
World's First Real-time Reproduction of the Movements and Expressions of Others' Mouths on Their Own Faces
Kenichi HITACHI 
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Vol.103 No.8 pp.861-863  
World’s First Transpacific-class Transmission Experiment Using Mode-multiplexed Optical Signals : Technical Breakthrough for Overcoming the Capacity Limit of Existing Optical Fibers
Kenichi HITACHI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(807.8KB)

Vol.103 No.3 pp.339-341  
Observation of Quantum-mechanical Ultrafast Coherent Oscillations in a Silicon Single-electron Device : Quantum Behavior of a Single Electron in the Sub-terahertz Regime
Kenichi HITACHI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(692.6KB)



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