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Vol.103 No.4 pp.421-425  
Research Trends of FPGA Clusters and Their Interconnection Networks
Tomohiro UENO Kentaro SANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(606.8KB)

Vol.100 No.9 pp.994-994  
The International Symposium on Highly-Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies (HEART2017)
Kentaro SANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(235.7KB)

Vol.100 No.2 pp.82-86    Open Access
Hardware-based Acceleration of Scientific Simulation with Stencil Computing
Kentaro SANO 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(613.2KB)

Vol.98 No.12 pp.1121-1121  
The International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications(FPL2015)
Kentaro SANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(258.9KB)



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