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Vol.106 No.9 pp.858-859  
Development of Uncooled Infrared Image Sensor Using Carbon Nanotubes as Infrared Detector:Successful Fabrication of a Highly Sensitive Uncooled Infrared Image Sensor
Satoru YAMANO 
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Vol.106 No.4 pp.338-339  
Developed “Elevation Monitoring Technology” with Spaceborne SAR:Contribute to Efforts of Basin Flood Control by Calculating Altitude Deference Due to Sediment Movement
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(515.6KB)

Vol.105 No.12 pp.1472-1473  
Detection of Severe Damage That Could Lead to Bridge Collapse Using SAR Satellites and AI Technology:Contribution to Avoid Accidents by Detecting Unusual Bridge Deflection
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(696.2KB)

Vol.104 No.10 pp.1116-1117  
Automated Cyber-attack Risk Analysis and Result Sheet Creation Technology : Reduction of Analysis Time to 1/4
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(626.5KB)

Vol.104 No.5 pp.514-515  
Establishment of Space Optical Communication between Satellite and Ground Station 40,000km Away
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(466KB)

Vol.104 No.4 pp.373-374  
Demonstrated Practical Wide-area Communication Using Quantum Cryptography : Confidential Transmission of Electronic Medical Records with Quantum Cryptography
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(367.6KB)

Vol.103 No.12 pp.1272-1273  
Development of Learning-based Communications Analysis Technology Enabling High Quality Local 5G without Network Specialists
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(603KB)

Vol.103 No.6 pp.634-636  
A Walk-through Security Screening System Using Microwave Radar: High-speed Radar Image Reconstruction and 3D Object Detection
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(807.7KB)

Vol.101 No.11 pp.1149-1150  
Classification of People Behavioral Patterns : Find Suspicious People in Surveillance Videos
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(410.3KB)

Vol.101 No.11 pp.1147-1148  
Rare and Critical Condition Search Technique by Combining Machine Learning and Simulation
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(343.5KB)

Vol.101 No.6 pp.604-606  
Massive MIMO Antenna Base Station System with C-RAN Configuration for 5G Communications
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(646KB)

Vol.101 No.5 pp.522-523  
Development of Adaptive Regularization Method to Improve Performance of Deep Neural Networks
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(293.9KB)

Vol.101 No.3 pp.325-326  
Development of FPGA Utilizing Atom Switch Device
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(453.6KB)

Vol.101 No.1 pp.97-98  
Recognition Technology to Enable Ink Dots to Become Identification Tags
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(759.6KB)

Vol.99 No.10 pp.1018-1019  
Development of Reliable Transport Technology for IoT Devices in Lossy Wireless Networks
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(344KB)

Vol.99 No.8 pp.859-860  
Biometrics Technology Using Sounds to Distinguish Individually Unique Human Ears
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(982.5KB)

Vol.98 No.8 pp.764-765  
Development of Silicon Integrated Optical Switch Technology with Port Count Extendability According to Network Size
Satoru YAMANO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(777.8KB)



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