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Vol.104 No.7 pp.767-767  
Takashi OHIRA 
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Vol.104 No.3 pp.265-268  
Arcs of Supreme Elegance [] : Hyperbolic Magnifier
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(867.9KB)

Vol.104 No.1 pp.75-80  
What Teenagers Can Learn from the DC Power Transfer Theory
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.7MB)

Vol.103 No.8 pp.856-859  
Arcs of Supreme Elegance [] : Line Loci Revolve Forever
Takashi OHIRA 
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Vol.103 No.7 pp.709-712    Open Access
Arcs of Supreme Elegance [] : Lumped Constants Are Go
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(1.1MB)

Vol.102 No.11 pp.1061-1064  
Get an RF Engineer’s View to the Quad Complex Cross Ratio
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(666.8KB)

Vol.102 No.4 pp.359-361  
Non-Euclidean Navigator for the Wonderful World of Immittance
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(648.6KB)

Vol.102 No.1 pp.79-82  
What an Enigma to Evaluate the Coupling Figure of Merit
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(758.1KB)

Vol.100 No.10 pp.1134-1137  
Transformers Kiss Goodbye to Magnetic Coupling
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(545.6KB)

Vol.100 No.2 pp.134-137  
Revisit the Centennially Running Radio Wave Detector from a Sophisticated Network Analysis
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(547.5KB)

Vol.99 No.10 pp.1012-1014  
Möbius Transform Opens Up a New Vista for Analog Circuit Engineers
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(384.3KB)

Vol.99 No.8 pp.856-858  
Every Time We Meet, My Honey Q Brings Her New Facet
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(741.3KB)

Vol.98 No.10 pp.885-887  
Welcome to kQ Product Theory for Wireless Power Transfer
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(483.3KB)

Vol.98 No.10 pp.855-855    Open Access
Editorial Preface
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(215.4KB)

Vol.98 No.6 pp.512-514  
Maximum Available Efficiency Formula for Wireless Power Transfer
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(627.4KB)

Vol.93 No.4 pp.334-339  
Pencil-and-Paper Exercise on Analog Circuits;Proficient Matrix Manipulation[Ⅳ・Finish]:Challenge Multiple-Port RF Networks
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(536.9KB)

Vol.93 No.3 pp.251-256  
Pencil-and-Paper Exercise on Analog Circuits;Proficient Matrix Manipulation[Ⅲ]:Practice on How to Design Active and Passive Analog Functional Circuits
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(544.5KB)

Vol.93 No.2 pp.152-156  
Pencil-and-Paper Exercise on Analog Circuits;Proficient Matrix Manipulation[Ⅱ]: Dimensional Extension from Scalar to Dyad
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(644.6KB)

Vol.93 No.1 pp.67-72  
Pencil-and-paper Exercise on Analog Circuits ; Proficient Matrix Manipulation[Ⅰ]: Port Parameters to Characterize Analog Circuit Networks
Takashi OHIRA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(607.6KB)



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