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Vol.104 No.3 pp.192-196  
Toward a Data Analysis Methodology with Much Consideration of the Way of Human Thinking
Takeaki UNO 
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Vol.98 No.12 pp.1106-1118    Open Access
Study and Applications Using I-Scover
Yasubumi CHIMURA Takeaki UNO Toshitaka MAKI Toshihiko WAKAHARA Ruiyu Fang Lu Fang Qingliang Miao Yao Meng 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(2.7MB)

Vol.96 No.12 pp.951-954  
Toward Impressive Research Proposal
Takeaki UNO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(343.5KB)

Vol.92 No.2 pp.125-130  
High Speed Computation on Genome Informatics
Takeaki UNO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(676.4KB)



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