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Vol.105 No.9 pp.1142-1149  
Optical Wireless Power Transmission Expected to Expand Various Applications
Tomoyuki MIYAMOTO 
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Vol.101 No.11 pp.1045-1045    Open Access
Editorial Preface
Tomoyuki MIYAMOTO 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(195.2KB)

Vol.101 No.6 pp.606-607  
Massless Dirac Electrons in Iron Selenide Thin Films
Tomoyuki MIYAMOTO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(495.3KB)

Vol.101 No.4 pp.409-410  
Thermal Image Velocimetry for Measurement of Near Ground Surface Wind
Tomoyuki MIYAMOTO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(660.2KB)

Vol.101 No.1 pp.95-96  
Three-dimensional Localization of an Individual Dye Molecule with a 1 nm Standard Error by Cryogenic Fluorescence Microscope
Tomoyuki MIYAMOTO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(680.1KB)

Vol.100 No.9 pp.883-883    Open Access
Editorial Preface
Tomoyuki MIYAMOTO 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(346.3KB)

Vol.91 No.11 pp.987-994  
Wavelength Widening and Performance Improvement of Vertical-cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
Tomoyuki MIYAMOTO 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(12.6MB)



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