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Vol.103 No.6 pp.636-637  
15.4 Tbit/s World Highest-speed Single-channel Coherent Optical Transmission with a Spectral Efficiency of 8.3 bit/(s・Hz)
Toshiki YAMADA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(594.3KB)

Vol.103 No.1 pp.80-81  
Novel Process Technology for Extremely Improving Temperature Characteristics of Optical Active Devices
Toshiki YAMADA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(526.4KB)

Vol.102 No.4 pp.362-364  
Prediction and Design of Functional Proteins Using Data-driven AI
Toshiki YAMADA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(879.6KB)

Vol.102 No.4 pp.364-365  
Ultrathin Organic Solar Cells Using 1-micron-thick Polymer Substrates : Performance and Future Perspective
Toshiki YAMADA 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(555.1KB)



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