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Vol.106 No.3 pp.241-242  
Proposal and Demonstration of a Quantum Arbitrary Waveform Generator:Progress toward an “Ultimate Quantum Light Source” Serving as a Key Device of Optical Quantum Computers
Yoshifumi SHIRAKI 
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Vol.105 No.9 pp.1170-1171  
Demonstration of Ultra-wide Bandgap Semiconductor AlN-based Transistors
Yoshifumi SHIRAKI 
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Vol.105 No.7 pp.625-626  
Development and Demonstration of Technology to Safely Implement Post-quantum Cryptography
Yoshifumi SHIRAKI 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(387.2KB)

Vol.100 No.6 pp.506-510    Open Access
Compressed Sensing and the Way to a Peaceful Future
Yoshifumi SHIRAKI 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(928.4KB)



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