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Vol.100 No.8 pp.743-743    Open Access
Editorial Preface
Yoshihiko UEMATSU 
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Vol.100 No.3 pp.233-234  
New Software Architecture for Tbit/s White-box Switches in Large-scale Virtualized Networking
Yoshihiko UEMATSU  
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Vol.99 No.11 pp.1123-1124  
Successful Proof of Concept of Dynamic 5G Network Slicing
Yoshihiko UEMATSU 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(459.1KB)

Vol.99 No.10 pp.1016-1017  
World's First Real Time 8K Video Transmission Using 5G Radio Access Technology
Yoshihiko UEMATSU 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(351.4KB)

Vol.99 No.8 pp.789-789    Open Access
Editorial Preface
Yoshihiko UEMATSU Michio TAKIKAWA 
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(189.4KB)

Vol.99 No.2 pp.159-160  
Terahertz Metamaterial with a High Refractive Index, Extremely Low Reflection, and Low Loss
Yoshihiko UEMATSU 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(458.3KB)



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