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Vol.106 No.11 pp.1031-1032  
Proposal of a New Qubit Control Method Suited for Large-scale Integration toward Practical Realization of a Silicon Quantum Computer
Yukinori AKAMINE 
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Vol.101 No.8 pp.861-862  
Prototyping Cryptographic-communication Unit Achieving High Security by Using Random Noise : Enabling Long-haul Cryptographic Communications with a Level on Which Decryption is Almost Impossible
Yukinori AKAMINE 
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Vol.99 No.12 pp.1203-1204  
Development of Wireless Sensor Node without Battery Replacement Using Energy Harvesting : Operable Node under 1/10 Environment Energy
Yukinori AKAMINE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(438.9KB)

Vol.99 No.7 pp.699-701  
Development of Low-power Serial Link Transceiver for Transmitting Data at 25Gbit/s through 50dB Loss Channel(10m Copper Cable)
Yukinori AKAMINE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(914.7KB)

Vol.98 No.12 pp.1104-1105  
Development of Basic Artificial Intelligence Technology That Enables Debating
Yukinori AKAMINE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(516.1KB)

Vol.98 No.8 pp.762-763  
Development of Ising Computer for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Yukinori AKAMINE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(777.8KB)

Vol.98 No.8 pp.763-764  
Prototype Development of High Speed Wireline (25Gbit/s, 40dB Loss) Transceiver for IT Equipment
Yukinori AKAMINE 
Summary | Full Text:PDF(777.8KB)



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